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My Works

A Simple Approach to French Pronunciation: A Comprehensive Guide

American students of French of any level, self taught individuals, and teachers can use this book to easily learn how to accurately pronounce French. It could be an adjunct text for French courses of all grade levels in the United States. It could also be used by Americans studying in France, in French classes for Americans, in home immersion study programs, and even by au pairs living abroad.




My latest book is A Simple Approach to French Pronunciation: A Comprehensive Guide. It is the result of many years of my own efforts in trying to learn to pronounce French. It includes 220 sound files that the reader can access by clicking on the link to Dropbox below. When there, download the zip file to your computer, extract them to the place you choose, and play them with your media player as you read the book when you see the particular sound file listed in the book.

The Soul Grows in Darkness

Born nearly deaf in a Chicago ghetto, Loren contends with poverty, drugs, prejudice, and terrifying violence. This murky landscape initiates his lifelong search for love, God, and truth.Answers to his insatiable curiosity about life, death, and war are rare, but dreams and inner dialogues pose provocative questions that guide his journey.Are memories, dreams, and unconscious promptings only opiates of a mind desperately coping with a chaotic, hopeless world? Or do they contain one's truth?The conclusion of this poignant search is astonishing."Poignant, funny, tragic, and uplifting, Loren Pedersen's new book will be many things to many readers: compelling true-life story, inspirational and cautionary tale, psychological self-help manual, and a chronicle of the second half of the tumultuous twentieth century. Readers will be immensely entertained by the vivid story here of Dr. Pedersen's life, through which they will discover illumination of their own." Mark SpencerAuthor of the novels Love and Reruns in Adams County and The Weary Motel.Winner of The Faulkner Society Faulkner Award for Fiction, and of the Omaha Prize for the Novel"Loren Pedersen's latest book, The Soul Grows in Darkness, is not only his own remarkable story of surviving a life of profound adversity, but a hopeful and inspiring challenge to readers to discover psychological and spiritual meaning in their own suffering by finding love and God within themselves. A courageous book by a courageous man."-Richard Carlson, Ph.D.Best-selling author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and it's all small stuff.

Sixteen Men: Understanding Masculine Personality Types

This is the first book to look at masculine psychology specifically in terms of the sixteen types of character and temperament identified by C. G. Jung and familiar to the millions who have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) to determine their own type.

Dark Hearts: The Unconscious Forces That Shape Men's Lives

Fresh perspectives on men's behavior, attitudes, and psychological difficulties. Dark Hearts traces the development of masculinity within the context of the anima, C. G. Jung's term for a man's inner feminine nature, or mediatrix to the unconscious. Drawing upon evolution studies, anthropology, mythology, psychology and his personal and professional experiences, Dr. Pedersen shows how this mysterious "other" part of a man's self is a vital influence on behavior as well as on emotional and spiritual growth.